Vinhome Central Park

Vinhomes Central Park in Binh Thanh District is inspired by the famous Central Park building in New York City, with a total area of 43.9 hectares situated on a prime stretch of Saigon’s riverfront spanning more than one kilometer, this project promises to bring to its residents the ideal living environment - harmony with nature combined with a five-star city lifestyle. Owning a golden location next to the center of Ho Chi Minh City, inheriting convenient transportation system including railways, land road, waterways, it bring a big chance for habitants to connect to all the important areas in the city.

- Total investment budget: 30.000 billion VND
- Total area: 43.91 ha
- Construction density: approximately 16%
- Green plans area: 13.8 ha
- Construction Completion expected on 2017
- Modern and luxury apartment: Includes apartments and officetel (from 1 - 4 bedrooms) / apartment duplex / penthouse.
- Over 70 villas (3.65 ha)
- Vincom commercial center (59.000 sqm)
- The area of Vinhomes Central Park Apartments: 50sqm - 200sqm; 53sqm - 80sqm (2 bedrooms); 83sqm - 120sqm (3 bedrooms).
- Parks and greenery: Nearly 14 hectares.
- Luxury villa area: Over 100 villas (in 3.65 ha)

Vinhomes Central Park Residence is connected directly to the line 5 Ben Thanh - Suoi Tien metro station with advantages on transport by land road, railways, waterways. You can easily connect to all of the important areas in Ho Chi Minh City from Vinhomes Central Park apartment through this line.
- Have a long junction over 1 kilometer along Saigon River
- 4 minutes to the center District 1
- 3 minutes to the new Thu Thiem urban
- 2 minutes to station 1 metro Ben Thanh - Suoi Tien

1. Multi-grade school Vinshool
- Vinschool in Vinhomes Central Park apartment is a multi-stage educational school from Primary school to high school developed and invested by Vingroup. Multi-grades Vinschool at Vinhomes Central Park has an area of 22.500sqm with a desire to build a new generation of elite citizens of Vietnam creative, dynamic, civilization, integration while maintaining cultural identity. This is an important goal and last result that the education system Vinschool tents to be.

2. International Vinmec hospital
- Vinmec 5-star international hospital is a great place on which you and dearest family to take care of precious health in Vinhomes Central Park and surrounding area in District 2. For this project, Vinmec high technology hospital is expected to be a symbol of caring of healthy. Come to VINMEC, in addition to medical treatment with a good team of experiencing doctors and experts, sophisticated and modern equipment, customers are taken care of by a team of professional nursing, have a service system standards as far as 5 star hotel and many different utilities.

3. Commercial Vincom Center
- Following the success of the system of Vincom Retail trade center in all big cities throughout of Vietnam, Vincom Center is designed according to the shopping mall - entertainment services - food located on an area of 59.000sqm. Residents owning Vinhomes Central Park apartment will be full of happiness in harmony with outstanding entertaining hobbies like Vinpearl land Games center with many amazing games, indoor skating stadium, new cinema and children kingdom for their physical and unlimited creativities development.

4. 81 high floors Landmark Tower
- This tower will be a new undefeatable symbol of Vinhomes Central Park. It is targeted to be a new financial center of Ho Chi Minh City. With all type of construction in one tower as commercial office, 5 star hotel, shopping center, apartment and serviced apartment, Landmark in Vinhomes Central Park apartment project will be a new pride of Ho Chi Minh City. Financial center built with 81 floors has over 350 meters high is the truth shows that Vinhomes Central Park Residence go further than most of investors in Vietnam real estate market. It is expected to set a new record high of building tower in Vietnam. This building new record will be planned with offices for rent, high-class shopping, serviced apartments, apartments for rent and for sale, commercial apartments Officetel.

5. Luxury cruiser harbor on Saigon River
- Take advantage of location besides Saigon River, Vinhomes Central Park choose cruise harbor as a special pattern, for all of this project. It opens a new way of transportation of all habitant love moving by waterways.

6. 5 star services
- The system of comprehensive and closed services in all of the new urban area of the city of Vinhomes offers you the maximum support for quick and professional, it allows you to take advantage, save precious time with your family and enjoy a great life everyday.
- Customer Service Centre 24/7: support you information on urban areas, utility services and receive require the use of Vinhomes services.
- Cleaning services includes: Moving or changing place of industrial hygiene, furniture, sanitation, tree planning and caring, laundry, lawn garden.
- Repair and maintenance services: by technicians, maintenance of equipment in the apartment or serviced apartment/ villa, carpentry, electricity, masonry.
- Cuisine served at home.
- Office Services: Printing, copiers, car rental, flight booking, flowers, courier,... Everyone can use the business center or at the villa/ household on request.
- Assist residents leasing and management of real estate on behalf of the tenant. Vinhomes Central Park will provide short and long term rental for experts for experts or foreigners living and working in Vietnam.


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